Winter driving tips

Check Weather and Road Conditions

It is important you are clued up on weather activity and road conditions in your region. Monitor the weather before you leave and note down any areas expecting heavy snow, rainfall or hail. Here are some handy websites for you to check on weather and road conditions before you head on your journey:

Consider chains if travelling on snow or ice

When using chains, make sure they are fitted to the driving wheels (eg for a front wheel car, chains go at the front) Fitted chains should be firm but not tight After fitting chains, drive a short distance then check them again to make sure they are secure Carry warm gloves and make sure you have a torch Drive slowly when using chains

Be careful of black ice

Black Ice is a thin sheet of ice on the road that is dark in appearance, making it extremely hard for drivers to see. It is commonly found around waterways and lakes, more often in shady or cooler areas. Black ice can cause drivers to lose control, so it’s important to drive carefully. Avoid sudden braking Drive slowly Avoid sudden direction changes Leave large following distances Look for shiny, wet patches on the road

Drive Safe – From the team at Hansens Auto