Covid-19: Trading at level 1

What does this mean for you, our Customer?

We will be able to deliver you into downtown Queenstown and there will be loan vehicles available.

You will be able to use our Waiting Rooms.

We have really appreciated your patience during these difficult times and with customers like yourself, it has really made this process quite straight forward.

Please remember:

  • If you are sick – stay at home
  • Wash your hands
  • Sneeze or cough into your elbow
  • Keep track of where you have been
  • Be kind to others.

Following the  Hansens’ change of ownership on 1 April 2020, our bank account number has changed too.  The new account number is 02‑0948-0359456-00. Please check that you have the correct bank account details when making payment to us.

As a result of the lockdown period when we were not able to trade, we would appreciate that all accounts are now paid on/or before pickup.

Kind regards,

The Hansens Auto Team